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WTF, Royal Pains???

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image of Cast of USA's Royal Pains
Cast of USA’s Royal Pains

I started watching USA’s Royal Pains back when it first started in 2009 for the same reason others started watching it – there was nothing else on. I grew to like the adventures of Hank Med and the MacGyver-ness of the treatments Dr. Hank Lawson gave to his patients. The cases of the week were like those on House but the Doctor wasn’t a jerk. I also had a major crush on Hank’s on again off again love interest Jill Casey. This summer as the fourth season moves on I’m lost. What happened to my old Royal Pains? What’s going on?
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Look Cato, a Cloo…

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Cloo logo used on new channelThis past week the cable channel Sleuth changed its name to Cloo. It was done mainly so that NBCUniversial can trademark the name and get better SEO results on the web. It plans to maintain the crime/mystery programing it has had since it debuted in 2006. It might be something I might check out every once in awhile but the reliance on programing all ready seen on USA might cut into those plans.
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Summer 2010 TV watching

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The regular television season is over and now the days will be filled with repeats, some new shows, and unseen episodes of shows canceled earlier in the year. I’d like to make some suggestions of what to watch.


Chuck – Season 3 was not as good as season 2 but the last 6 episodes did save it for me. Here is a season from the season 2 finale. NBC is also showing back episodes on their website.

The Good Wife – great drama and interesting plots for the freshman season. Glad it will be back for next season

NCIS & NCIS-LA – even repeats these shows are good entertainment. Not earth shattering but solid story telling. Why else does USA show NCIS constantly?

Rules of Engagement – This one grew on me. It came back as a mid-season show but next season it will be on in the fall. The only think that bothers me is this season they made Oliver Hudson’s character real stupid for some odd reason. I also have a major crush on Megyn Price.

Don’t forget to see “The Middle” and “Modern Family” on ABC and “Community” on NBC when repeats are shown.

New shows

Mad Men – starts its 4th season in July I believe. Excellent writing and drama for a basic cable show. Always interesting trying to dig deep into the story.

Burn Notice – has already started its 4th season on USA network. I love the interplay of Michael, Fi, and Sam.

Royal Pains – paired with Burn Notice on USA started its 2nd season. It is decent summer entertainment.

Canceled shows

Better off Ted – look for this funny show as ABC is set to burn off the unseen episodes later this month.