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Falling Skies 3rd Season Finale A Let Down

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screencap from Brazil episode
Colonel Weaver is also not happy with how season 3 ended

Falling Skies, on TNT, started the season with a big bang, ramped up the drama week after week, but the season finale ended with a whimper. I was so disappointed. After the big build up I was hoping for a big send off like we had at the end of season 2 when the last shot was the Volm arriving in Charleston. Yes, the show tied up loose ends but there was nothing to jazz me up for next season.
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Continuum Is All Kinds Of Gray

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screencap of Rachel Nichols as CPS Protector Kiera Cameron on Syfy's Continuum
Rachel Nichols as CPS Protector Kiera Cameron on Syfy’s Continuum

I don’t know how they do it but the Canadians just seem to know how to do Sci-Fi TV shows. I recently started watching ‘Continuum‘, which returns for a 2nd season on the Syfy channel June 7th here in the US, and it’s clearly my new favorite import. Think of a Terminator and Timecop mashup where there is no black & white good guys vs. bad guys. Continuum has a police detective working for a corporate dictatorship in 2077 trying to find and stop a group of freedom fighter terrorists who have traveled back to 2012 to start their revolution. I think the show would be way too cliche and cheesy if it was just a battle of good guy vs. bad guy. Who do you root for? It looks like it will be fun to find out.
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Cleopatra 2525 – A Great Bit Of TV Nostalgia

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image of the Cleopatra 2525 DVD coverThe other day while surfing the web, I came across a bit of TV nostalgia. I noticed that Hulu has episodes of the old sci-fi/action show Cleopatra 2525 available for streaming. I hadn’t seen an episode for at least 12 years but when I did I loved the show just like I did when it was new back in the day. If you get a chance, catch this great action show.
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Prometheus: Good If You Were Born Yesterday

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poster from the 2012 film PrometheusI finally watched Prometheus for the 2nd time the other night. It was actually my first time all the way through. The first time I stopped watching just as the cast started exploring the alien structure because I got bored. After watching the complete film from start to the end I can say that this is a decent movie if you have no prior knowledge of the “Alien” mythology.
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As A Random Netflix Pick, Cashback Is A Nice Surprise

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image of poster to movie Cashback 2006I was bored the other night. The usual TV shows I watch were in repeats so I did what I usually do and pick a film to stream on Netflix. “Cashback”, written and directed by Sean Ellis was my pick, just based on the blurb, but by the end of the film I was surprised at how warm and human it turned out. I enjoyed it and recommend it for anyone looking for a smart adult comedy-drama with a twist of sci-fi.
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Flash Gordon! We love you!

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Flash Gordon The late 70’s early 80’s was a glory time in the movie business. Star Wars went through the roof, Superman the Movie arrived in 1978, then there was Apocalypse Now, Alien, Star Trek the Motion Picture, Mad Max, The Warriors, and then there was Flash Gordon. Director Mike Hodges turned in a campy version of the 1930’s comic strip. The film is considered a flop critically and at the box office but I liked it in 1980 and it seems to get better each time I watch as the years pass.

One of the problems with the film is it used two unknowns as leads – Sam J. Jones played Flash as football star with the New York Jets. Melody Anderson, who was mostly an actress on TV played the love interest Dale Arden. The other two leads were well known. Topol played Dr. Hans Zarkov and Max von Sydow the juicy role of Ming the Merciless. We also get some support from Timothy Dalton and Brian Blessed.

THE best part of the movie is the theme which was composed and performed by the band Queen. Sometimes I slip the movie into my player and just listen to the theme and I have it on my music player too. Freddie and the boys also scored the whole film.

The story is pretty simple and some of the acting is stiff and cringe worthy – for example Dale Arden “cheering” on Flash while he plays football against Ming’s henchmen early in the movie – but that doesn’t mean the movie is unwatchable. Besides the music, the scenery and colors used make look like it should. I’m not a comic geek so I don’t want my comic book characters to be “real” and want to see a comic book on screen.

The camp, bad acting, and plot holes is what I enjoy and I hope you do too.

Here is a video of the theme performed by Queen with scenes of the movie included:

Queen – Flash (1980)

More information on imdb:

Flash Gordon (1980)

Don’t Mess with Sarah!

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I‘m talking about the classic American mom – Sarah Conner of the Terminator sci-fi series.

The Fox network brought the series “Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles” to TV last season and it recently began its 2nd season.

The series focuses on the adventures of Sarah and her son, the future leader of the humans in the coming war with the machines, John in the time between the end of “Terminator 2: Judgment Day” and the start of “Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines” although in the first episode the series takes a different time line – still within the series mythology but they moved stuff up to present day. There is word that the Sarah Conner Chronicles will line up with the story line of the upcoming “Terminator Salvation” set to come to the movie houses in 2009.

For those unfamiliar with the story, Sarah, played by Lena Headey, knows of the coming war with the machines and spends all her time preparing and protecting John so that he is around to become the leader of the human resistance.

Sarah has the help of a reprogrammed Terminator named Cameron, played by Summer Glau, and Derek Reese, played by Brian Austin Green, who were sent back in time by John Conner.

Of course the series couldn’t be a Terminator of the week show, so the main theme has been the heroes fight against the formation of Skynet – the computer system that starts the war on the humans on Judgement Day. But there is a Terminator they have to watch out for – Cromartie, played by Garret Dillahunt – but he is more of a reoccurring character – someone who is around but not everyday and there is an initial bad “guy” the heroes don’t know about yet named Catherine Weaver, played by Shirley Manson, who is CEO of a shadowy company that seems to be the foundation of the future Skynet. The twist is that Weaver is a T-1000 terminator that can assume different shapes and disguises.

Although I love the Terminator series of stories, this season on T:TSCC there might be a part I will not like. John Conner becoming a whiney teenager. The story has him rebelling a little against his mother and instead of his actions causing embarrassment – it could get them all killed. I just hope it doesn’t turn into OC drama crap.

Overall, T:TSCC is a great series and you should catch it either on the tube or on Fox website.