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Trainwreck Is Good Description Of The Life Exposed In Amy Schumer’s New Movie

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poster for Trainwreck (2015)The movie ‘Trainwreck‘ written by and staring comedian Amy Schumer had a good mixture of raunch and pathos one expects when viewing Schumer’s comedic exploits. Under the apt direction of Judd Apatow we get a more adult version of his film ‘Superbad‘ that flirts with a dark side not seen much in comedy films. While a bit uneven at times I think the film pulls off a nice balance of bathroom humor and heart.
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Lebron James leaves Cleveland and smacks them around on the way out the door

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I get Lebron James wants to win a title and I get he doesn’t think he can get one in Cleveland but did he really have to go on ESPN for an hour and rub Cleveland’s collective nose in it? A simple press release would’ve been the right thing to do.

He could have been the Jim Brown of Cleveland basketball or the Michael Jordan of Cleveland.

James lacks class and I hope he gets hurt and/or never wins a title.