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The Americans – A Retro Spy Trip Back To The Early 80’S

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Poster for the FX series The AmericansA new drama on the FX channel debuted Wednesday night called The Americans. It stars Keri Russell and some other guys. I like a good spy story and this show had some good plot points but I was disappointed on how obvious it was overall. It did have a good soundtrack.
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Diane Lane – Jumper (2008)

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As you may know I am a huge fan of Diane Lane. I have been collecting the films she has been in since her debut in 1979 but some of them she appears only for a short time. The movie “Jumper” is one where she isn’t in it for long. She plays the missing mother of the main character and shows up twice.

The movie is far down on my list of purchases so when FX showed the film on Monday I took the opportunity to tape Diane’s scenes.

Here is clip of her whole performance:

The scene at the end where we learn Mary Rice is a paladin and she has to kill jumpers is a sweet scene between Diane and Hayden Christensen.

David Rice: So you’re a Paladin and I’m a Jumper. What happens now?
Mary Rice: I’m giving you a head start, son… Because I love you.


The movie overall is decent entertainment. FX is showing it again this weekend 9/18 and 9/19 so catch it if you can.