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Grandpa Tells It Like It Is In Funny Oscar Mayer Ad

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Logo for Oscar Mayer productsAnother new favorite ad of mine is from Oscar Mayer. The ad has a Grandpa who doesn’t hold back in his interactions with his family and grandchildren. The guy has some great lines. I think buying sliced ham in a container is too expensive with a lot of wasteful packaging but the ad was funny.
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I Shouldn’t Like These Commercials But I Do

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screenshot of Customer wanting purple but not purple
Customer wants purple but not purple

I know I shouldn’t like TV commercials. I also know and most studies show that people don’t remember the product being advertised especially if it is a funny commercial, but here are a couple of ads I find funny. One from Ace Hardware and the other from AT&T. I have no real view on the products but I liked the ads.
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Arby’s Tries Stupid Ad Campaign

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screencap of detective Bo Dietl in Arby's ad
Bo Dietl in Arby’s ad

Fast food chain Arby’s has a new campaign called ‘Slicing Up Freshness‘ where it claims that their sandwiches are better than competitors, like Subway, because they slice their meat in their stores. Only low information consumers would think such a claim was true or that it even matters.
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Funny Commercial – Little Caesars: No Rules

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clipart of a TV SetThis Little Caesars Pizza commercial cracks me up every time it’s on TV.

“Put Your Shirt Back On!” LOL!


Little Caesars: No Rules [AD]
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*Note* For some reason the recommended videos after this one plays include several videos of horses mating….