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The Corrs Are Back, Baby!!

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screencap of The Corrs performing 9-13-15One of my favorite bands, The Corrs, are back together. Their first live performance in 10 years took place on Sunday in Hyde Park London UK, in front of thousands, during an all day festival hosted by BBC Radio 2.

They played the biggest hits of course and one of my favorites if not a big hit in “Radio”. Word on the street is their new album will be coming out in November.

The Corrs Live at Hyde Park 2015
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Here are some images screencapped from the video:

cadfile's Return 2015 album on Photobucket

Have You Hugged An ABBA Today?

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image of the pop group ABBAToday is International ABBA Day marking the 40th anniversary of the single, ‘Waterloo’, that brought international fame for the pop group ABBA. It is also the 15th anniversary of the opening of the musical ‘Mamma Mia!’ that used ABBA songs. Celebrate by enjoying a video for the song Waterloo.
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I Shouldn’t Like These Commercials But I Do

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screenshot of Customer wanting purple but not purple
Customer wants purple but not purple

I know I shouldn’t like TV commercials. I also know and most studies show that people don’t remember the product being advertised especially if it is a funny commercial, but here are a couple of ads I find funny. One from Ace Hardware and the other from AT&T. I have no real view on the products but I liked the ads.
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The Equalizer Busy Equalizing

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clipart showing a music noteI love TV show themes and was really sad when the industry started cutting back on themes in order to squeeze in more commercials. The main theme to the show “The Equalizer” (1985–1989) is probably one of the best. It was composed by Stewart Copeland, the drummer from The Police. This percussion heavy theme captures the electronic vibe of the 1980’s and is part New Wave and part house music. Here is an album version of the tune.
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