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The Corrs Are Back, Baby!!

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screencap of The Corrs performing 9-13-15One of my favorite bands, The Corrs, are back together. Their first live performance in 10 years took place on Sunday in Hyde Park London UK, in front of thousands, during an all day festival hosted by BBC Radio 2.

They played the biggest hits of course and one of my favorites if not a big hit in “Radio”. Word on the street is their new album will be coming out in November.

The Corrs Live at Hyde Park 2015
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Here are some images screencapped from the video:

cadfile's Return 2015 album on Photobucket

Copilots Are Musical Friends For The Ear

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image of the Members of Copilots in their native habitat
Members of Copilots in their native habitat

I had the opportunity to listen to the latest album from the Canadian group Copilots. Sunstroke is an odd title for an album because none of the songs are painful to the touch but might make you delirious as some jangly trippy music washes over you.
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Revisiting Sia And Zero 7’s Simple Things

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screencap of Zero 7 with Sia and Sophie Barker singing Destiny 2001
Zero 7 with Sia and Sophie Barker singing Destiny 2001

The other day, while doing some research on the singer Sia, I discovered she worked with Zero 7. Their album ‘Simple Things’ is one of my favorite albums and it gave me an excuse to give it another listen. Sia’s vocals prove how great she is and she deserves all the acclaim she is getting now.
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If You Want To Support Your Favorite Band, Buy Their Album

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Logo for the Spotify streaming serviceStreaming services like Spotify and iTunes are so convenient that you might be able to hear ALL your favorite music anytime and anywhere you want. However, those streaming services aren’t very good for the people who actually create the music. If you really want to support your favorite band, buy the album, just don’t stream it.
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