*Note* As of 12/31/2017, Review Geek blog is no longer being updated. Please check out my other blogs. Also note that the reviewgeek.net domain is for sale. Please send me a PM if interested. — Doug

Short form: This is just a blog commenting on all kinds of useless stuff.

I wanted a public place to post stories and videos I find that are either funny or interesting to me. I have a personal blog for more serious stuff and I wanted this one to be less serious. I also needed to stop posting these items to my Facebook page since my “friends” now tend to ignore them.

The topics I will focus on here is culture, music, films, and non-serious items about life.

About the author

Doug lives in Ohio and is on an endless narcissistic attempt to create a cult following to hide his lack of talent and intelligence about a wide range of topics.

Other blogs from the author include Doug’s Views and Secular Left

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