The Sexist Response To The Ghostbusters Reboot Makes Me Sad To Be A Man

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image with words Nerd Rage is comingThe Ghostbusters reboot opens in theaters this weekend. If you listen to the haters it will be the worst movie of all time, even worse than Heaven’s Gate released in 1980. Deep in the negative reaction is a sad case of entitlement with an ample dose of sexism.

The Bitter Script Reader wrote about the year long kvetch by nerds who hated an all women cast for Ghostbusters:

Here’s what perplexes me in all of this – we’re talking about Ghostbusters. GHOSTBUSTERS. How the hell did this become the geek line-in-the-sand? I grew up on the film too. I might have been about six when I saw it, and that was probably about the time that dueling Ghostbusters cartoons were out in the market. I taped the movie off of a TV viewing and watched it so many times I STILL expect Venkman’s line upon bursting out of the Sedgwick Hotel ballroom to be “What a knockabout of pure fun THAT was!” (Instead of “We came, we saw, we kicked its ass!”)

That’s not all. I still have a bunch of the action figures, including an ECTO-1 and a Ghostbusters blaster toy. Hell, I saw Ghostbusters II at the age of nine and not only enjoyed it a lot, I still think it’s a fun movie. And I bring up all of this to point out that it seems to me that I must have had largely the same childhoods as these man-babies who find this to be the greatest affront to their childhoods since Carrie Fisher dared to age. And I don’t get the hate. On any level.

That’s totally it. Think of the arrogance it takes to call this a “cash grab.” It presumes that this film is being made despite no artistic appeal at all… to them. It’s a complete discounting of the interests of anyone who doesn’t share their exact tastes. A fourteenth Marvel movie is celebrated as “what the fans want” but a third Ghostbusters is complete bullshit because “They didn’t make this for meeeeeeeee.”

“I don’t love this, so its merits are completely invalid!”

And this is just the reaction to a remake 30 years after the fact in a franchise that had long since gone fallow. Imagine if a future Marvel movie followed suit with a recent comic storyline recast Iron Man as a black teenager? (And with Robert Downey Jr’s ever-increasing paychecks, don’t be surprised if he becomes too expensive for Marvel to carry.)

“They didn’t make it for ME!” How the new Ghostbusters became the line in the sand for some fans

I plan on seeing the new Ghostbusters because it doesn’t have the same cast or storyline as the first two. I thought both trailers were funny and showed potential.

I’m a big fan of the cast. Melissa McCarthy is so funny as are the rest of the cast. I would never form a view of the film just based on the trailers. There have been films I skipped because I didn’t like the trailer that I ended up liking after actually watching it.

Besides, if I want to see the 80s version, of the film, I will put in the DVD and watch it.

Here’s the trailer:

Ghostbusters Official Trailer #2 (2016) – Kristen Wiig, Melissa McCarthy
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