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image of the Members of Copilots in their native habitat
Members of Copilots in their native habitat

I had the opportunity to listen to the latest album from the Canadian group Copilots. Sunstroke is an odd title for an album because none of the songs are painful to the touch but might make you delirious as some jangly trippy music washes over you.

All but one of the tracks go way past radio friendly time with one clocking in at 11 minutes. It wasn’t a problem for me. In fact in a couple of cases like “Defences” and “The Possible” the extended length seem to to give the listener two different songs in one package. It was a treat to hear the song evolve into a different tone and direction.

One of my favorites, “Mountain of Time”, does clock in at a typical amount of time for a song. I liked how it sounded like the pop songs I loved back in the 80s by bands like “The Cure” while the rest of the album had a “King Crimson” feel. That isn’t a bad thing because that classic style brings back fond memories.

Overall it sounds like the band has fun playing together and I bet they are a blast live since many of the songs seem like they could be jam band songs – going on forever if they want.

Besides “Mountain of Time”, my other favorite tracks were “When It’s New” because I loved the harmonies in the chorus and “Come to Life” because it starts out pop then evolves half way through to a trippy song.

There isn’t a bad tune on this record and I love when a listener gets their money’s worth.

Support indie music and this band and buy the album. You can’t go wrong.

Copilots are:

Skye Brooks – vocals, guitar
Pete Schmitt – bass
Dylan Smith – drums
Cole Schmidt – guitar
Karma Sohn – keyboards, vocals
Jesse Zubot – violin, electronics

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Copilots – Mountain Of Time
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