Bad Teacher? Really? On ABC Family?

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poster for the film Bad Teacher (2011)The ABC Family cable channel is known for family friendly programing and series that appeal to the teen demographic. I was shocked the other day to see a promo for broadcast of the movie ‘Bad Teacher’ with Cameron Diaz. The movie is not family friendly nor something just any teen should see. A clean version shown on TV makes the movie even worse.

Bad Teacher‘ is about hard drinking, pot smoking, party girl, named Elizabeth Halsey, who teaches in middle school. She only wants to marry a rich man so she will be taken care of and so she is a really bad teacher in the class room. Halsey then meets a substitute played by Justin Timberlake and finds out he is from a rich family and likes women with big boobs.

Halsey changes her goal to be the best teacher in the school to win a $6000 bonus to get a boob job and win the heart of Timberlake’s character.

The movie is filled with F-bombs and various other profanities, crude and rude jokes about people and students, pot smoking, and other raunchy scenes like a carwash with a wet Diaz dancing around in short shorts.

While there were some funny scenes, for the most part, it wasn’t a good movie. Imagine how bad the movie is when the dirty parts are removed.

Even if a movie with raunchy parts is bad I don’t think the dirty parts should be taken out just so it can be seen on TV.

People get the wrong idea about the movie and then are shocked when they see the ‘R’ rated version later.

A better raunchy movie they keep showing on TV cleaned up is “Bridesmaids“. Again the movie isn’t nearly as funny with the dirty parts taken out because the raunchy parts are integral to the movie. They set the tone of the film.

An argument can be made that Disney has been trying to change the target of the channel but contractually can’t remove “Family” from the name, but why stir up controversy by thumbing your nose at the perceived target.

It might be different to show a good film cleaned up but a clean bad film like ‘Bad Teacher’ becomes worse.

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