In A Sea Of Comic Book Movies, Tammy Is An Island

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poster for Tammy (2014)With a deluge of remakes and comic book movies at the theater, it gets hard to find a good adult film to watch. Tammy (2014) being called an adult film might be a stretch but it didn’t disappoint me and is funny screwball comedy.

Tammy stars Melissa McCarthy and Susan Sarandon as two women running away from their problems. Tammy is running away from her out of control life, and Sarandon, as Pearl, is running away from growing old. The road trip includes many shenanigans.

McCarthy is just so funny when she plays goof ball characters like Tammy. She had many funny bits and lines and Sarandon adds to the funny in her own way.

That’s not to say this is high art because it isn’t but there have been many male centered sex comedies and stoner comedies that have made a load of cash at the box office so it’s time for women to get a share. McCarthy is the one to do it.

The supporting cast helps out. Allison Janney as Tammy’s mom and Kathy Bates as Pearl’s cousin are a hoot.

If you want to laugh and have a good time then hang out with Tammy.

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