At Midnight Is A Good Time

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A screenshot from @Midnight Show
A scene from @Midnight Show

One new show I’ve been digging this winter is @Midnight on Comedy Central. It is shown at Midnight (natch) after The Colbert Report and is hosted by hot Internet star Chris Hardwick. It’s a ‘game show’ made of a panel of three comedians riffing on whatever pop culture thing is found on the Internet the day of the show. While I know the game part of the show is bogus, I have a great time watching it. It’s reminds me of hanging with my friends and shooting the breeze.

Questions are asked on various pop culture topics like doing funny Yelp reviews and coming up with hastags of food songs (for example). Host Chris Hardwick then gives points to the panelists based on the audience reaction or sometimes if joke makes him laugh a lot. At the end of the preliminary round one of the three with the lowest point total is eliminated. The final two try to answer a final question in “FTW” (For the Win) with the funniest answer winning the Internet for 23.5 hours until the next episode of the show.

I love the adlibs and comedians who do well with improv do well in the game. Although in a recent game, wrestler Chris Jericho did very well making it to the final round.

I also like the fact that they don’t do much language censorship. Hardwick and the panel will drop ‘F’ bombs and such and the words are bleeped but they get to say them. Although the show is very topical, I think it would still hold up on repeats.

I’m a fan of Harwick’s Nerdist Podcast and All Star Celebrity Bowling videos on Youtube and he is the best part of the show. He is able to get involved and react to the comedy which adds layers to the fun.

Check this show out.

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