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Andrew Mayne

Andrew Mayne is a magician, illusion designer and filmmaker. He has worked for Penn & Teller and the Amazing Randi. He has a new show on A&E titled ‘Don’t Trust Andrew Mayne‘. I normally like magic shows but for some reason Mayne’s show rubs me the wrong way. The way the show is shot and edited actually makes the illusions seem fake or staged.

I grew up watching all kinds of magic on television from Doug Henning to Lance Burton and Penn & Teller. I love those shows. I even tried to learn how to do magic myself but never had the patience to do it well.

Andrew Mayne’s resume shows he knows magic and even designs illusions. However the way his show is shot and edited makes it seem like the illusions are fake or staged. That’s a shame.

For example, in a scene where a car disappears, the camera shows Mayne and the target standing next to the car. Then it cuts to the opposite angle where you just see Mayne and the target. Another quick cut shows the original angle and the car is gone.

Another scene had Mayne take a grocery bag from the target and hold it up with his hands. He talks to the woman then there is a cut to a close up of the woman’s face. She says a couple of words then the shot cuts back to both of them in the frame and the grocery bag appears to be empty and sure enough he folds the bag up and it is empty.

In a scene where Mayne levitates a telephone booth (do those still exist?) you can see the machinery behind it that is actually lifting it.

It makes the magic look like something an amateur would do on a cable access channel show. Not to mention the hammy presentation where Mayne tries to act like a cross between David Blaine and Criss Angel doesn’t make up for the poor shots and editing.

I’m just use to the old school shows where the camera never cuts during an illusion.

I like Andrew Mayne as a magician but skip this show.

Don’t Trust Andrew Mayne: Andrew Handcuffs Pedestrians
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