Most Cable Channels Are Worthless

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logo for Rehab Addicy on DIY channelCable TV is expensive. Most standard packages include hundreds of channels but you have to ask yourself, are those channels worth it. The current pricing scheme the industry uses means your hundred dollar payment supports a lot of filler material that seem to me to be only a video version of radio – something you turn on for background noise when cleaning the house or changing the oil in your car. Most cable channels aren’t worth your time or expense.

I’ve been thinking about this for sometime but I was reminded about it last night as I noticed the DIY channel was showing episodes of their show “Rehab Addict” all evening and into the early morning. I like the show but the problem is I’ve seen all the episodes so far. They had a marathon of those same episodes just last month and the month before that and the month before that, etc…

At least DIY has some original programing to repeat. The USA network daily schedule really doesn’t have that much original programing on it. During the day they show reruns of NCIS, NCIS LA, and Law & Order SVU – everyday – all day – week after week – month after month.

It’s to the point that only if there is nothing new on all the other channels, I might watch USA for a bit and MAYBE there might be a rerun I haven’t seen in awhile.

If it isn’t beating reruns into the ground to fill out their schedule, one channel only offers programs where they have a financial stake in the source. ESPN doesn’t cover all sports. They spend most of the time covering sports in which the network owns TV rights. People think they are an objective sports network but why would they do anything to tick off the NFL, NBA, or MLB? I’ve written before how ESPN spends more effort to cover the Premiere League in the UK over MLS here in the US. It is because ESPN owns the rights to PL matches.

The problem is cable channels get your money whether you watch the channel or not. They are paid based on the number of subscribers to the cable service. There is no incentive to have quality original programing other than prestige during awards season.

I remember finally talking my Mom in getting HBO when I was a kid. I was excited to be able to see movies just like they played in the theaters – uncut and uncensored. It wasn’t until after seeing the same movie multiple of times during the same month that I knew the movie channels weren’t really worth the cost.

Paying premium prices for leftovers isn’t worth it in the food business and also not in the cable TV business.

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