Who Knew There Was More To Career Opportunities Than Jennifer Connelly Roller Skating?

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screencap of Jennifer Connelly
I could watch an entire movie of just this

I swear, as minute after minute ticked off as I re-watched the 1991 comedy ‘Career Opportunities‘, I kept saying to myself: ‘where is the roller skating?’ Of course how I remembered the film had nothing to do with how the film actually plays out. I could have sworn it was 83 minutes of Jennifer Connelly roller skating around a Target store – who knew that other people were in the film.

The film is one of the lessor known or celebrated edition in the teen film master John Hughes catalog. Although Hughes only wrote the film, his teen film formula is in full effect. There are two people, just out of high school who are at a crossroads in their life. One is a braggart and a liar who has about over stayed his welcome in his hometown and the other is tired of living with her over controlling and abusive father. During the course of the film they realize they aren’t that much different.

Frank Whaley plays the town liar Jim Dodge. After losing yet another job due to his lying, he father demands he get a job or he has to move in with family in nearby St. Louis. He ends up getting a job as a night clean up boy at the local Target. The sadistic custodian locks Jim in the store all night to prove he can do the job.

Jennifer Connelly plays the town tease Josie McClellan who has an abusive father and wants to hurt him back. She decides to shoplift from the Target store that Jim works at so she can get arrested and ends up falling asleep until after Jim is locked in the store.

The movie overall isn’t bad but it is one of the weaker John Hughes movies. The stars are fine especially an early performance from Oscar winner Connelly but the premises is a bit ridiculous and the run in with the dangerous thieves in the last 15 minutes seems tacked on. It is as if there wasn’t enough story to even reach the 83 minutes this clocks in at so they padded it.

There are some fun moments and the story had some potential but never really gets any deeper than Connelly’s tight tank top.

But because I have fond memories of seeing this in my college days I’ll check it out if it shows up on a movie channel or cable.

screencap of Jennifer Connelly in Career Opportunities
Do you really need a reason to see Jennifer Connelly riding a toy horse?

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