New TV Season About How I Thought It Would Be

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screenshot of James Cann as Terry 'The Cannon' Gannon
The Cannon giving his grandson bad advice

We are a month into the new television season and it’s going about how I expected it. Some of the shows I didn’t care for I didn’t like and some got canceled right away and the ones I thought I would like, I did. There were a couple of new shows that I feel broke out from the crowd and one still to be seen.

Back in the Game

I really like this show. James Caan just cracks me up as the grandfather who gives bad advice to his grandson. Like in this exchange from the first episode:

Terry ‘The Cannon’ Gannon, Sr.: Is that the kid who hit you?

Danny Gannon: Yeah…

The Cannon: Here’s what I want you to do. You take your lit cigarette and flick it over his shoulder. See just like that… Then you take this bat and BASH his knees in…

Danny: NO! I am NOT hitting a kid and I do NOT smoke! What is wrong with you!

I also love Maggie Lawson as Terry Jr. who is trying to do right for her son and coaching all the kids the other Little League teams wouldn’t pick.

The other thing I love about the show is the music cues. In one scene where Danny is pining for his classmate Vanessa, they used an obscure Northern Soul tune from The Flirtations called “Nothing But A Heartache” which fit the scene to a tee.

I see a lot of potential for a long run of this show as long as they keep the snappy writing and energetic story telling.

screen shot The Goldbergs rollerskating
The Goldbergs rollerskating

The Goldbergs

I came of age in the 1980’s – the time period this show is set and they get most of it right. The show also has some snappy writing that is flat out funny.

Adam Goldberg: It’s the first day of 7th grade and I want to look cool.

Beverly Goldberg: Who is cooler than your Mom?

Adam Goldberg: All the people????

One example of the show getting the time period right is when the two brothers Adam and Barry are fighting over what TV show to watch. They wrestle with the cable box which in the 1980’s sat on top of or next to the TV set and had a series of switches to select the channels. Our family had such a box for our cable back then.

There hasn’t been a new drama that has caught my eye but there is a new one that is starting in November that I can’t wait to see.

screenshot of Karn Urban in Almost Human
Karl Urban in Almost Human

Almost Human

Fox is bringing a futuristic police procedural to the screen. Starring Karl Urban ( the “Star Trek” and “The Lord of the Rings” franchises”) and Golden Globe Award nominee Michael Ealy (“Sleeper Cell,” “Common Law”), the show is a cross between NCIS and Alien Nation. I can’t wait to check it out.

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