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poster for Under the DomeOne of the TV shows I’ve been watching this summer is ‘Under the Dome’ on CBS. The show has grown on me as it shrugs off the usual tropes of series television. It is one part dystopian drama and one part supernatural mystery. It has been creating many ‘WTF’ moments for me in its first season even though I don’t think the show has much of a long term life after the novelty wears off.

Under the Dome (UTD) has been going against some of the common tropes of episodic television. One is not killing off your named stars. Some of the named stars the show has killed off already is Jeff Fahey, Mare Winningham, Natalie Zea, Beth Broderick, and Samantha Mathis. It does make sense for the show since usually a special guest star appears in an episode and then leaves the area. Since there is dome, the guest stars have to die. It is just weird to have Jeff Fahey killed off in the 2nd episode.

I have to remember that UTD is following a different time frame than usual. Each episode is one day since the dome showed up. This weeks episode with be the 12th episode and the 12th day. That helps making sense when you wonder why their cars haven’t run out of gas yet or why all hell hasn’t broken out yet.

There has been some WTF moments such as when Maxine shot Julia out of the blue and when Maxine and her henchman was shot by Big Jim.

The sub plot about the supernatural aspect of the dome has been dragged out and it is as much of mystery now as it was in the first episode.

The show reminds me of the off the wall show on ABC called Scandal. Like Scandal, UTD travels in waves of ridiculousness while not seeming to be stupid.

My only concern is the show lasting more than a season. They have pulled a lot of ‘WTF’ moments this season. I’m not sure how far it can go without becoming stupid.

photo of Barbie and Maxine arguing
Barbie and Maxine arguing
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