Madonna Debuted 30 Years Ago

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photo of Madonna (1983) album coverJuly 27th marked the 30th anniversary of the first album by Madonna. The self-titled debut included hits ‘Holiday’, ‘Lucky Star’, and ‘Borderline’. I love those tunes and the album, but my favorite tune is ‘Burning Up’. I love the music and the video wasn’t bad either. I would like any song that had Madonna dancing on the street.

The third track “Burning Up” has a starker arrangement, brought about by bass, single guitar and Linn drum machine. The drum beats used in the song were reminiscent to the records of singer Phil Collins. It also incorporated electric guitars and the most state-of-the-art synthesizers of that time. The chorus is a repetition of the same three lines, while the bridge consists of a series of double entendres; the lyrics describing what Madonna is prepared to do for her lover, and that she is individualistic and shameless.

Madonna (album)

Madonna – Burning Up (1983)
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