Falling Skies 3rd Season Finale A Let Down

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screencap from Brazil episode
Colonel Weaver is also not happy with how season 3 ended

Falling Skies, on TNT, started the season with a big bang, ramped up the drama week after week, but the season finale ended with a whimper. I was so disappointed. After the big build up I was hoping for a big send off like we had at the end of season 2 when the last shot was the Volm arriving in Charleston. Yes, the show tied up loose ends but there was nothing to jazz me up for next season.

Although the story line and many of the plots of the episodes this season have been thin compared to season 2, I stuck with it because I wanted to see the final battle using the Volm BFG* against Karen. Although I thought the scenes from the fake life of pre-war Tom was really one of the better episodes.

What we get is a pea shooter that *splats* on one leg, a limp Beamer response (only 2 fighters?), then the Boston tower collapses. Where was the drama? I was really expecting the kind of battle and damage like we saw when the alien ship over Area 51 in Independence Day was destroyed. Then next scene is a giant Volm ship landing on the tower debris with a big *crunch*. I laughed out loud.

Then we are faked out by the attempt by the Volm to send the humans to Brazil. Whoever wrote this episode must have been watching Monty Python.

Another disappointment was the “final” confrontation with Karen, who arrives with a white flag, several mechs, and skitters. There was no drama. She talks to Tom and Hal and then Tom kills her. That was so out of character for Tom that it didn’t make any sense. Yes he really wanted revenge after seeing his wife and child dead in the Boston tower but that moment had passed. He shot Karen without much thought.

Even the goto guy for craziness, Pope, was a limp form of himself this episode.

It is no secret that show runner Remi Aubuchon won’t be back for season 4 and something tells me he phoned it in for most of this season.

I hope that the new show runner rights the ship and brings the show back to what it was like in season 2 and we can then remember season 3 as a cruel joke.

I know I have no idea where they can take the show since they painted themselves into a corner.

*BFG = Big Fucking Gun

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