Never Ever Do This At Home is perfect for Spike TV

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Photo of Teddy Wilson & Norm Sousa, Hosts of Never Ever Do This At Home
Teddy Wilson & Norm Sousa, Hosts of ‘Never Ever Do This At Home’

There wasn’t anything on TV the other night so I ended up watching a couple of episodes of the new reality/comedy show ‘Never Ever Do This At Home‘. On first blush it just seemed like a total waste of time but then after thinking some more the show actually serves a purpose. It shows people who may lack common sense what happens when you goof around with different products. I think the show will only appeal to young men who don’t know any better – the perfect demographic for the Spike TV channel but it isn’t worthless.

The show, an format imported from Norway, has the two hosts, Teddy Wilson and Norm Sousa, ignoring the warning labels of various products or using various items different then their intended use. For example in the first episode they create a microwave room to thaw out a fish by stacking several home microwave ovens and modifying them so they operate without the door closed. Another segment had a shed with an alcohol still sealed up so they could spark the alcohol vapors and get an explosion.

A lot of the activities is doing what you might have thought about doing but were afraid to do such as putting an unopened can of soup directly on the burner of a stove. Wilson and Sousa, with the help of an expert, show what happens when a canister of camp stove fuel is put in a fire. They also show what happens when certain food items that can create dust catch on fire.

screencap showing the aftermath of exploding cans of soupThe concept seems to be a cross between “Mythbusters” and “Jackass“. They demonstrate some interesting experiments safely but it doesn’t get much deeper than showing an explosion from several different angels. It is like they just skip to the explosion or the damage without really getting into the details.

The show did have some title cards giving more information like mentioning that microwave radiation wouldn’t harm your DNA like nuclear radiation will.

While the show isn’t as scientific as “Mythbusters” they don’t just go for the cheap thrill. They also show why you have to follow the warning labels on products.

Never Ever Do This At Home is perfect for Spike TV and so much better than the manufactured drama of “Bar Rescue” that Spike seems to run constantly.

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