With A Cleared Deck, NBC Announces New Shows For 2013-2014

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created image for NBC Fall TV PreviewThis week starts the TV Network Upfronts where the network’s new season schedule is announced. We find out what the new shows are and where veteran shows will be shown during the week. On Sunday it was NBC’s turn to present it’s schedule. I got to view some clips from the new shows, and except for one or two, they didn’t look encouraging.


One that looks interesting is the new drama Blacklist starring James Spader. People online have said it is a rip-off of The Following, Homeland, and Hannibal. Yes it does seem to include elements of those shows. Personally based on the trailer, which seems to give away the whole pilot episode, it looks like another TV series that would be a great movie or limited series on cable. I don’t see how they can make it a 22 episode series without diluting what is interesting about the show.

The Blacklist Official Trailer – NBC
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Sean Saves the World

Of the comedy clips I saw the only one to make me laugh was for Sean Saves The World starring Sean Hayes. He plays a gay man who has to learn to parent his 14-year-old daughter while dealing with a new boss. The clip made me laugh and it will be a fun show if we get a toned down Jack McFarland from Hayes previous series Will & Grace

Sean Saves the World Official Trailer
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Another drama that looks interesting and might have more life than Blacklist is a reboot of the old detective show Ironside. It is about a police detective who ends up paralyzed but continues to fight crime.

In the original series Ironside was played by Raymond Burr who was a San Francisco Chief of Police who was left paralyzed after an assassination attempt then becomes a private investigator. In the new series Blair Underwood plays a paralyzed NYPD detective still on the job solving crimes.

My favorite part of the previous series was when Burr and his assistants would get in car chases with the bad guys. Burr would be in his handicap van directing the driver. Too funny. I wonder if Underwood’s Ironside will have a van too? (in the trailer it looks like he does).

Ironside Official Trailer – NBC
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That’s pretty much the only new NBC shows that look interesting to me.

Here is a graphic NBC created showing their new schedule.

Image showing the NBC Fall TV schedule

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