Death Comes Before Rebirth In TV World

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Some TV shows canceled this week
Shows I watched that were canceled this week (clockwise from l to r) Body of Proof, Whitney, Vegas, & Happy Endings

Next week the networks will be presenting their new schedules for the 2013-2014 TV season. In order to make room for new shows, the networks have to cancel current shows. This time of year is tough for me because they will always cancel a show I liked or not cancel a show I hated. Here are some thoughts on a selected list of shows that I watched and were canceled.


Whitney on NBC was okay. I thought it was better than Whitney Cummings other show 2 Broke Girls on CBS. There was nothing spectacular about it but I really liked Whitney’s boyfriend Alex, played by the funny Chris D’Elia. He had some great lines on the show and he I will miss. The rest of the show not so much.

Happy Endings

Happy Endings was a quirky show. I liked the actors in it and it was consistently funny and goofy which I like. I didn’t like ABC moving it around then putting it on Friday night to die. It isn’t completely dead since there is a report that it may go to a cable channel like USA.

Go On

I didn’t want to like Matthew Perry’s new show Go On, on NBC, but it grew on me. It was quirky and goofy like Happy Endings and I would watch a series just based on the character of Mr. K played by Brett Gelman. He cracked me up in every scene he was in. I think Matthew Perry works better in an ensemble cast.


I was sorry to see this period piece get canceled although I wasn’t surprise. It wasn’t the acting. I enjoyed Dennis Quaid, Michael Chiklis, Carrie-Anne Moss, Jason O’Mara, and Taylor Handley. I am really going to miss Sarah Jones as Mia Rizzo. I hope she picks up a new job soon as she should be on TV all the time.

The main problem I had was the stories just were missing something. You have Sheriff Lamb versus the Mob and they seemed to not want to have the stories of them going head to head. I think the problem was they had a name as the mobster Vincent Savino so they had to give him equal screen time. If I were running the show I would focus on Lamb and how he deals with a random criminal element of the week or if they wanted a name as the bad guy then only have it last a few episodes before the bad guy leaves, goes to jail, or is dead. They could also do what I wish more shows would do when trying to be set in a real place – change the names and start fresh.

Body of Proof

Of the shows I watch, Body of Proof being canceled shocked me. I knew it had been retooled before this season but expected it to be back next season since it had decent ratings. The cases-of-the-week were more interesting this season and the new cast members did jazz up the drama. Now we will never find out what really happened to Megan Hunt’s father. I’ve always been a fan of Dana Delany so I hope she isn’t off TV too long.

Rules of Engagement

The perennial bubble show Rules of Engagement lasted seven seasons and 100 episodes before being canceled this week. This was one of my favorites and no matter how often they moved the show or if they put it on in mid-season, I made sure to watch it. Luckily it is in syndication so I’ll get to keep enjoying it even if there are no more new episodes.

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