CBS Keeps It Up For The Upcoming Fall TV Season

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created image with the words CBS Fall TV PreviewCBS, aka The Tiffany Network, didn’t have much to fix with it’s 2013-2014 TV schedule. It plans on expanding their comedy programing on Thursday nights by moving “Person of Interest” to Tuesday night after the NCIS shows. Like the other networks, CBS seems to have a couple of dramas that are movie concepts put into a weekly series format. The comedies I liked were The Millers, Mom, and The Crazy Ones. On the drama side the only one that interested me was “Intelligence”.

The Crazy Ones

Comedy great Robin Williams comes back to series TV staring as Simon Roberts, head of a Chicago ad agency along with his daughter Sydney, played by Sarah Michelle Gellar. So this could be a wild ride with Williams improv chops. It seems they will let Robin be Robin which is good. I also like that Hamish Linklater is in the cast. The clips CBS presented are mostly “Behind the Scenes” videos so the amount of actual show is limited but what they did show for The Crazy Ones made me laugh.

Behind the scenes @ The Crazy Ones
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The Millers

The Millers is a conventional family sitcom with a slight twist. Will Arnett plays a recently divorced man who hasn’t told his parents, played by Beau Bridges and Margo Martindale, about it. When they find out the parents break up and the mom moves in with Will while Dad moves in with Will’s sister. Martindale is mostly known for dramas so I will like to see her play for laughs. The other thing that interested me about the show is it was created by Greg Garcia who created my favorite show “Raising Hope” so I hope the tone is similar in the new show.

Behind the scenes @ The Millers
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I am not so sure about “Mom” except it is another show from prolific producer Chuck Lorre and it will occupy the 9:30 PM Monday slot that Lorre’s “Mike & Molly” held in the 2012-2013 season (Mike & Molly is being held for mid-season). “Mom” is basically “Two and Half Men” with women. Anna Faris plays a recently sober single mother who moves in with her estranged mother played by Allison Janney. The premise interested me. I don’t think we’ve really seen this type of comedy with women in the leads. One reason I’m not entirely sold on the show is I’m not much of fan of Anna Faris. She’s irritated me in some of the movies she’s been in. As long as she doesn’t get too wacky I’ll give the show a shot.

Behind the scenes @ Mom
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This show is “The Six Million Dollar Man” for the digital age – enough said…. Josh Holloway plays a government spy, Gabriel Black, who has an experimental computer chip implanted in his brain. It doesn’t give him any physical powers like the Bionics did for the Six Million Dollar Man, but Black is able to access any data system. I really like the premise of the show and Marg Helgenberger is the government agency boss. The show will premiere at mid-season taking the slot of the fall show “Hostages” (which I didn’t care for) after it’s 15 episodes.

Behind the scenes @ Intelligence
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Besides Person of Interest moving to Tuesday’s at 10 PM, Hawaii Five-0 moves to Friday taking the slot that CSI:NY had this past season.

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