I Don’t Want Harrison Ford In The Next Star Wars Movie

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image showing the Original Star Wars trilogy cast
Original Star Wars trilogy cast (clockwise l-r)Harrison Ford, David Prowse, Peter Mayhew, Mark Hamill, Kenny Baker, and Carrie Fisher – and yes Anthony Daniels is missing

Since Disney bought the rights to Star Wars and plan on doing new films, there have been questions about if the stars of the original trilogy would appear in them. I took it as fact that Harrison Ford would run far away since he soured on the franchise after doing Revenge of the Jedi. In one interview years ago, Ford said he asked to have Solo killed off. In an interview with David Letterman last week Ford now claims he’s never been asked to return to the role and wouldn’t mind doing it. Screw Ford. I don’t want him in the next film.

Here is what Harrison Ford said on Letterman when asked directly about being in the next film:

“I was only in three. For a long time, they didn’t ask me. So imagine how I feel. So let’s just let it [be]…”

(I had a clip here from the Late Show interview with the quote above but David Letterman pulled all his official videos off the Internet after he retired in May of 2015. Sorry – dlb 12/17/2015)

The thing is since his last Star Wars film, “Revenge of the Jedi“, in 1983, Ford has dissed the series and his character. He also said several times he had wanted Han Solo killed off in Jedi. Now why would they ask him to come back if they knew he hated the series.

By “Return of the Jedi,” something had changed. Ford had become a superstar after playing Indiana Jones in “Raiders of the Lost Ark” and received high marks for his performance in Ridley Scott’s “Blade Runner, so maybe it was now that Ford decided that Han Solo wasn’t as interesting as characters like Indiana Jones and Rick Deckard. And Ewoks aside, most “Star Wars” fans (including the one writing this piece) agree that there was something missing from Ford’s performance in “Jedi.” Ford had wanted Solo killed off at the end of “Jedi,” something that Lucas, in the end, refused to do. (Rumors persist that, in the original treatment, Solo was flying the Millennium Falcon in the assault on the second Death Star, not Lando, and perished during that battle.)

Harrison Ford’s Complicated History With Han Solo

Here is a clip you will have to view on the YouTube site that had Ford telling the interviewer in 2010 that Han Solo just wasn’t interesting to him…

Harrison Ford: They should have killed Han Solo
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So, no I don’t want Harrison Ford to appear in the next Star Wars films. I also don’t want Mark Hamill or Carrie Fisher to appear. A cheap cameo after 32 years (by 2015 when the next film is due) would be a waste of time. If they played different characters maybe but has Han, Luke, and Leia no.

Can’t Harrison change his mind? Sure, but he’s bad mouthed the series for so long any change now would seem like he was going for a quick pay day.

It bothers me when a now Hollywood star tries to distance themselves from the film that made them a star.

I know Nicolas Cage seems to do anything for money, but in 2003 he actually participated in the DVD documentary materials for the 20th anniversary of “Valley Girl“. A film that put him on the map back in 1983.

As much as I like Harrison Ford’s acting, his off screen persona makes him seem like a total tool. Star Wars gave him an acting career and without it he would be a retired carpenter some where today.

*Update 12/17/2015*

Star Wars: The Force Awakens opens on Friday December 18th. It is the first of at least three films planned under the new Disney ownership.

Harrison Ford is in the film, although nothing is certain in future films, and I’ve got to say I have been impressed with his work on the promotion of the film. He has not be his usual cranky self that I describe in the post above. He has participated in some of the more cringe worthy promotions like comedy skits on some of the Late Night shows and has not seemed bored in one on one interviews I’ve seen.

Thank you Harrison for being fully involved in the new film and I retract my negative view in the post above.

When I saw Ford show up in the trailer and he says “Chewie, we’re home…” I got misty eyed.

scene from Star Wars The Force Awakens

I am seeing the film the first weekend so my review will show up on the blog in a later post but I heard great buzz and the initial reviews just coming out seem positive – although I have avoided reading them in detail until after I see the movie.

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