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image of the Cleopatra 2525 DVD coverThe other day while surfing the web, I came across a bit of TV nostalgia. I noticed that Hulu has episodes of the old sci-fi/action show Cleopatra 2525 available for streaming. I hadn’t seen an episode for at least 12 years but when I did I loved the show just like I did when it was new back in the day. If you get a chance, catch this great action show.

Cleopatra 2525” debuted in January 2000 and ran for 28 episodes over two seasons. It came from the same people who created Xena: Warrior Princess and was produced by Sam Raimi (Spider-Man, Oz the Great and Powerful, Evil Dead) and was syndicated which meant it was shown on different stations across the country. The show, in the first season, was paired with another great action show “Jack of All Trades” staring the great Bruce Campbell, then was expanded to hour episodes when Jack was canceled. (Jack of All Trades is also on Hulu)

Cleopatra referred to the character, ‘Cleo’, a former stripper who was cryogenically frozen after a boob job that went wrong and was played by Jennifer Sky. Cleo awakes 500 years into the future and meets ‘Hel’ played by Gina Torres and ‘Sarge’ played by Victoria Pratt. The women work together to save their underground world from the evil people in their world and the killer robots that took over the surface of the Earth.

Another twist about Cleo is she spouts off cliches from her original time (like saying “all for one and one for all”) and the other two think she created the sayings.

image showing Cleopatra 2525 villain Creegan
Is bad guy Creegan a clown or a jester or both?

What I liked about the show, besides the costumes the women wear (wink), was the plots were interesting and the action was intense. The show also had great villains. Many people loved Raina, who used telepathy as a weapon, but I was partial to the clown/jester psychopath Creegan.


Check out “Cleopatra 2525” on Hulu

screencap from the 1st episode of Cleopatra 2525
Gina Torres, Jennifer Sky, & Victoria Pratt in a scene from the 1st episode of Cleopatra 2525

Cleopatra 2525 – Opening Credits
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