Golden Boy Starts With A Dumb Premise

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screenshot of Theo James, Kevin Alejandro and Chi McBride in Golden Boy
Theo James, Kevin Alejandro and Chi McBride in Golden Boy

CBS gave new show “Vegas” a couple of weeks off to preview the new show “Golden Boy” in the Tuesday 10 PM slot after the NCIS block. Police procedurals are a staple of CBS so there isn’t really anything new on that front with “Golden Boy”. The gimmick it uses to try to make the show stand out from the crowd is actually the one thing I hated about the show. I really don’t see this being added to my regular viewing schedule.

Theo James plays Walter William Clark Jr a NYPD beat cop who becomes a hero after a shoot out with a gang and in the span of seven years, rises through the ranks to become the youngest Police Commissioner in city history. The main plots of the episodes will be showing the events future Clark talks about on his first day as Commissioner.

However it’s that gimmick that actually killed me on this show. It was too improbable.

Early in the pilot, after the initial shoot out, Clark is ready to leave the hospital and someone from the NYPD is talking to him asking about the assignment he asked for – to be a detective in Homicide. The guy tells Clark that it is one assignment where one actually had to have paid some dues to get and it might be better for Clark to start out in Narcotics or Robbery. Clark says the Mayor promised a promotion and whatever new assignment he wants and he wants Homicide. The NYPD guy relents and Clark shows up at the precinct on his first day as a Homicide detective.

So the guy gets a promotion and choice of assignment and picks the one that actually requires paying one’s dues before getting it and the police department just allows it??? That would NEVER happen in real life no matter how heroic the guys is.

It took me out of the show completely. The rest of the episode was just one cringe educing scene after another with Clark. He is a bit of jerk, does whatever it takes to solve a case even if it is wrong – like search an apartment without a warrant, and slugs a perp after a long chase.

It’s no surprise that one of the creators once worked on the old show “NYPD Blue” show where cops crossing the ethical line was a common occurrence. This show also reminded me of the show from last season NYC 22 where they gave rookie cops assignments no rookie beat cop would get in real life.

I did like Chi McBride character, Detective Don Owen, who gets stuck with Clark because the squad doesn’t like him. I hear the show is going to focus more on Owen mentoring Clark so maybe the show might improve.

I’ll check out a couple more episodes to see if the regular show changes but based on the pilot I would have passed on the show.

Golden Boy Season 1 Promo
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