Cable Channel Does Good: Cancels Trashy Reality Show

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created clip art with TV set and a prohibited symbol on itIn my last post I lamented the very bad trashy reality shows, like “Here comes Honey Boo Boo” on TLC, that some cable channels seem to be addicted to like crack. I wrote that these shows weren’t entertaining to me because I don’t like TV shows meant to make fun of people perceived to be in a lower social class. It seems that finally one channel reached a line it wouldn’t cross when it canceled a show about a serial baby maker.

Oxygen Media has pulled the plug on the controversial reality special “All My Babies’ Mamas” as pressure mounted from, Parents Television Council and other organizations outraged over the show’s premise about rapper Shawty Lo, his 11 children and their 10 mothers.

Oxygen Cancels ‘All My Babies’ Mamas’ Amid Public Outcry

In some respects, the charges against Mamas echo those hurled at TLC’s Here Comes Honey Boo Boo. Critics complained Honey Boo Boo’s depiction of a rural Georgia family was exploitative and harmful to the national conversation about class and poverty.

Robinson says there are many TV shows — including Honey Boo Boo – that present troubling stereotypes. But in his view, Babies Mamas has the potential to do more harm than a show like Honey Boo Boo, because there is “such a wide array” of portrayals of white Americans on TV, that one show is not seen as representing the entire culture.

“It may be very problematic to white folks who live in that region of the country, but it doesn’t impact the full view of white Americans,” he says. “There is a wide range of reality programming we could point a finger at. But we are sending a larger message that the community is tired of the onslaught of this type of program, with the idea that [Babies Mamas] is the ‘reality’ for black folks,” Robinson says.

Civil Rights Group Accuses Oxygen Reality Show of Racism (Video)

I’m glad that Oxygen pulled the plug on the mess. I have the same concerns that ColorofChange did that the show would stereotype black families.

It would be like having a show about a single mother of several children who is seen on the show sleeping around. Some conservatives believe that single unmarried mothers are basically whores and such a show would reinforce that view for entertainment purposes. That is just sick.

Now if they want to do a documentary on serial fathers like Shawty Lo who has many children and it shows all the problems such a person causes in society then it might be valuable to see it on TV. These reality shows tend to ignore or gloss over the everyday problems. It wouldn’t be very entertaining watching a single mother waiting for hours to see her case worker at the welfare office.

I just think when these shows ignore reality they glamorize poor behavior. A serial father is NOT a role model or someone to idolize.

I don’t want young people to think if they have babies out of wedlock or father multiple children they will get to be TV stars. That is just a wrong way to think.

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