Prometheus: Good If You Were Born Yesterday

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poster from the 2012 film PrometheusI finally watched Prometheus for the 2nd time the other night. It was actually my first time all the way through. The first time I stopped watching just as the cast started exploring the alien structure because I got bored. After watching the complete film from start to the end I can say that this is a decent movie if you have no prior knowledge of the “Alien” mythology.

There is a reason why director Ridley Scott tried to distance “Prometheus” from his previous film “Alien” because the films are completely different in tone and texture. “Prometheus” uses tons of CGI and epic story telling while “Alien” was murky, with practical effects, and a dose of mystery. Being a fan of the “Alien” series of films, I was disappointed with “Prometheus” because it was so different from the “Alien” style. I guess the tools and costumes looked too futuristic compared to the “Alien” films.

I might be more enthusiastic with the film had it been set on a different Earth like planet like it would be a different branch of the “Alien” story. As it is the story has basically the same beats as the original “Alien” story (finding an alien structure, one of the crew is killed, a member of the crew is impregnated with an alien creature, the android attempts to bring back a creature and goes rogue). Some of the plot holes (Elizabeth Shaw has major surgery with no recovery time) were a bit much to ignore but really wasn’t a deal breaker for me.

If you have any knowledge of the “Alien” series then “Prometheus”, in my mind, should be thought of as a reboot of the “Alien” story with better special effects. That why I liked the film overall even with the problems I mentioned and I would like to see a sequel if it gets made.

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