Religious Music Doesn’t Have To Be Boring

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cover to Amy Grant's Age to Age album 1982I’m not religious myself but I can enjoy some good music of a religious nature. Religious music I like include contemporary worship music or pop songs with a religious theme. Although on occasion I can listen to something old like a Gregorian chant or something like that. Here are some of my favorite religious music from over the years.

A friend of mine in middle school turned me on to Amy Grant and I’ve been a fan since then as she has ebbed and flowed from praise music to pop and back again. The strings and opening of the song “Sing Your Praise To The Lord” thrills me whenever I hear it.

Amy Grant – “Sing Your Praise To The Lord” (1982)

I loved Harry Nilsson’s “I Guess The Lord Must Be In New York City” since I heard it on my local AM station back in the 70’s. My favorite part is the line “Here I am Lord knocking at your back door…” then there is a chord change. I get a giggle from that every time.

Harry Nilsson – “I Guess The Lord Must Be In New York City” (1969)

My only experience with the musical Godspell is the 1973 film that starred Victor Garber as Jesus Christ. I always loved the song “Day by Day”.

Godspell – “Day by Day” (1973)

Finally, I like George Harrison’s solo work including the classic “My Sweet Lord” which was written in praise of the Hindu god Krishna and asking for an end to religious sectarianism.

George Harrison – “My Sweet Lord” (1970)

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