Nashville Has Been Seen Before But Connie Britton Is Great

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image of the poster for the ABC show NashvilleWednesday night had the debut of a new drama on ABC called Nashville. It stars Connie Britton and Hayden Panettiere as dueling country music singers. While I loved Britton and some of the other cast members, there is nothing really new in the stories offered in the pilot.

Only reason I would keep watching is Connie Britton. I’m a long time fan even before Friday Night Lights. It is funny that according to the press she was the last person signed on to the show but she makes the show her showcase.

Love the strong women characters and the music was fine with a balance of old and new country. Charles Esten’s solo bit at the bar was fantastic.

The downside is there isn’t really anything here that I haven’t seen before and the plot outside of the music part just didn’t do it for me. It reminded me too much of the original Dallas.

I don’t care about the bad ass political father (even though I loved Powers Boothe chewing up his scenes) or his other daughter sucked into the politics and I love Eric Close (as Britton’s character’s husband) just not his story in this show.

Also the fact that Gaylord Entertainment (now called Ryman Hospitality Properties) is part of the production team and the show had a spot for Nashville tourism, I worry how far the show will go with the darker side of Nashville. I figure they wouldn’t want to fund or help a show that might show Nashville in a bad light.

Beyond the soap opera of the music business, the rest of the plot seems too thin.

The cast alone earned Nashville a rating of three and I might watch an episode or two to see where the story is going.

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