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Chelsea Handler is a writer, stand-up comedian, actress, TV host, and producer who’s big claim to fame is her late night talk show Chelsea Lately on the E! channel. I like late night TV shows (well except for the Tonight Show) yet I don’t like Handler’s show. I’ve tried to watch it several times over the years – usually to see a particular guest. I just don’t think she or her show his funny. I guess I just don’t get Chelsea Handler.

One thing that stand-up comics have that Handler doesn’t – for me – is the ability to be funny when not doing their job. I’ve seen her in several appearances on other talk shows where she is a guest and she bores me. At least Sarah Silverman tries to do bits during her five minutes.

I caught Handler on Craig Ferguson’s show Friday night 10/19 and I zoned out half way through her segment. Kathy Griffin is more interesting as a talk show guest then Handler. I don’t know why I feel that way but it might be the vulgarity she relies on which is weird because normally vulgarity doesn’t bother me. I don’t like comics who are vulgar just to be vulgar and she comes across as mean. Some comics can say mean and nasty stuff but it never comes across as mean or at least personal.

I guess I could say that Chelsea Handler is like a softer Lisa Lampanelli – who I also don’t care for.

She has another show on E! called “After Lately” which is described as a mockumentary but came across to me as something one would see in a high school film project. Maybe that was the point.

Now I figure I’ll get hate mail saying I have a problem with female comics but I don’t. The ones I like include Paula Poundstone, Amy Poehler, Kathleen Madigan and Amy Sedaris among others.

I get that Chelsea Handler is popular with the women 18-34 demographic – you know the people who keep E! and its trashy programing on the air – but like we see with FOX “news” just because something is popular doesn’t mean it’s any good.

Oh well…

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