Get Rid Of The Teen Angst And Revolution Might Be A Good Show

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image of Revolution character Charlie Matheson
Worst thing about Revolution: Charlie Matheson

I watched a couple of episodes of the new NBC drama Revolution and it wasn’t bad overall. Like all of these HUGE MYSTERY shows the start can be confusing. There is, however, one particular character on the show who could make or break it for me for future viewing. If they can get rid of the teen angst or tone it down I might keep watching.

“Charlie” Matheson played by Tracy Spiridakos is probably in her very early 20’s since she is shown as a child when the black out happens but her emotional maturity is all over the place as if she were a teenager.

The scene that actually bothered me the most was in episode 2. She refused to listen to Miles when he went off on his own to find Nora. Charlie went off on her own to find Miles – very stupid.

Then she wouldn’t let Miles kill a bad guy he was fighting but when they came up to a militia group using slaves Charlie didn’t think twice about the plan to kill the warden to set the slaves free. When asked by Miles why she agreed to kill him she said some crap about the people being slaves and they need to be free.

So the plan goes off and Charlie shoots and kills two militia members. And as they are cleaning up Miles comments that she did a good job and she went off on him and complained that she just killed two men and she felt so bad……


And don’t get me started when she gets all misty eyed when talking about “family”… ugh!

Miles says she is “unique” – I say she is a pain in the ass and the way her character acts is so cartoonish it takes away from the show. I enjoy shows with a strong woman lead but the Charlie character becomes overwrought too often and it’s hard to watch. It’s been 15 years since the power ended and it seems she has a hard time coping which is very odd.

She also gets so much screen time to run amuck that it cuts into the story time.

I’m going to watch at least one more episode but if the Charlie character isn’t toned down or given less time to screw up then I’ll be tuning out. If I want a teen romance show I’d watch the CW. I don’t mind emotional characters but not ones who act stupid for no rational reason especially in the now dangerous world in which the show exists.

I do note that the non-Charlie parts of Revolution are not bad from what I’ve seen so far. If the story gets stupid then I might stop watching then too.

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