Castle Episode Made My Head Hurt

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screencap of Nathan Fillion, as Richard Castle, shooting a gun
Nathan Fillion, as Richard Castle, shooting a gun

I’m a fan of Castle on ABC. I like the tone of the procedural with bits of funny sprinkled within well thought out plots that keep me guessing. That was until the episode this past Monday 10/29 titled ‘Probable Cause‘. While the funny was still around, the plot of the episode as well as the ending just didn’t meet the usual level I expect from the show.

The case of the week started with a woman murdered and her body was hanging from the ceiling of her apartment. The evidence starts to pile up against – Rick Castle! He claims he didn’t know the women and didn’t kill her.

A search of Castle’s place also turns up a gym bag with the tools used in the murder and Castle is arrested for murder. The police then find e-mails on Castle’s computer showing he had a relationship with the dead woman.

Detective Beckett is devastated but knows he couldn’t have done it.

Meanwhile in holding, Castle gets a visit from a previous bad guy, serial killer Jerry Tyson aka 3XK that Castle let escape back in the 3rd season. Tyson explains that Castle had messed up his life and so he was going to ruin his. He then explains that Castle will be killed once he goes to central booking.

Castle ends up escaping custody and he and Beckett, with an assist from Ryan and Esposito of course, are able to connect Tyson to the crime which clears Castle.

As Beckett and Castle are driving back to the precinct their car is rammed by an SUV driven by Tyson. He tries to shoot up the car. Beckett gets out of the car and empties her gun into Tyson and he goes down. As Beckett reaches the body, Tyson jumps up, knocks Beckett’s gun away and takes her hostage.

Tyson then walks over to the passenger side of the car to have Castle watch him kill Beckett but Castle is gone.

Castle got behind Tyson and as Beckett suddenly moves away from Tyson, he empties his gun into Tyson making him fall backwards into the river.

Of course they couldn’t find the body.

Why did this episode make me upset?

First they did the “Castle is the suspect” plot in the first episode. That’s how he meets Beckett in the first place.

Beckett was a little too emotionally squishy in her scene with Lanie. Beckett being soft seems too awkward for the character.

The reveal of 3XK as the person behind the frame up was lame not to mention it didn’t make any sense unless you saw the 3rd season episode that introduced Tyson.

Finally – two guns with full clips shot at the guy and NO head shots? Tyson is obviously wearing body armor and neither Beckett or Castle go for the head? That was stupid. Since when did Castle become such a great/bad shot?

Also not finding Tyson’s body was so cliched.

Even good shows can have bad episodes so I hope this is Castle’s bad one for the season.

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