Arby’s Tries Stupid Ad Campaign

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screencap of detective Bo Dietl in Arby's ad
Bo Dietl in Arby’s ad

Fast food chain Arby’s has a new campaign called ‘Slicing Up Freshness‘ where it claims that their sandwiches are better than competitors, like Subway, because they slice their meat in their stores. Only low information consumers would think such a claim was true or that it even matters.

A commercial they are using shows former detective Bo Dietl in front of a Subway shop explaining that Subway doesn’t slice their meat in the stores but in a factory.

Slicing Up The Truth About Freshness

The claim is that Arby’s sandwiches are better because they slice the meat in the store.

That’s stupid.

Arby’s, Subway, and any fast food chain use processed meat so where it is sliced has NO bearing on the quality of the end product. The ingredients of the meat itself, other items used with the meat, and how the sandwich is assembled have more affect on quality than where the meat is sliced.

The problem for Arby’s is their processed meat sandwiches are more expensive than Subway’s processed meat sandwiches. Maybe their labor cost is too much since they slice the meat in their stores. Just saying…

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