So It Is Flim And NOT Film? WTF?

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screencap of Flim & the BB's live
Rare live performance from Flim & the BB’s – notice the IBM 8150 sitting on the right

One of the best things to happen to me in college – besides beer – was rooming with a music student my freshman year in the dorms. Mike turned me on to many bands and singers I never knew existed in my AM radio bubble while growing up. He showed me his CD of Flim & the BB’s album “Tricycle”. This was the mid 80’s and CD’s were the new thing and I was amazed. Mike had a kicking stereo system so the album sounded so good it spoiled me since then. Even after becoming a long time fan of Flim & the BB’s it wasn’t until the other day I realized I had been calling them Film & the BB’s finally solving the problem I had finding their music online.

Flim and the BB’s was comprised of bassist Jimmy “Flim” Johnson, keyboardist Billy Barber, percussionist Billy Berg and reeds player Dick Oatts. Their claim to fame is that the group was the guinea pig that helped work out the kinks in the CD music recording format. If you still have CD’s in your collection, it has a line to it from the album “Tricycle” as it was the first non-classical recording to be released on CD. The group’s CDs were also used to demonstrate high end sound systems for potential customers.

The group rarely performed live and the CDs are long out of print. I wish I had the money at the time to buy them. Thanks to YouTube you can get a taste of their music but just remember if it sounds bad it isn’t the music.

Flim and the B.B.’s – Tricycle (1982)
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