Ratings Come To Review Geek

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image of Review Geek's new rating system
Review Geek’s new rating system

I had wanted to add some kind of rating system to review posts on Review Geek. The other day I came across a WordPress plugin that will add ratings to posts when I need them.

The plugin I used is called “Author Post Ratings“. It was easy to add and is just as simple to use. I like plugins like that.

An example of what it will look like is in the featured post image above and you can check it out in action live on my previous post Hot Chip: If OMD & Depeche Mode Had A Baby.

Since I’ve just added it to the site it will be used for new posts and added to old posts when or if those older posts are revised in the future.

The rating system only allows up to 5 stars.

I will also look to tweak the look of the ratings so it stands out and complements the rest of the site.

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