CBS’ Con Job Known As Big Brother

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image of CBS' Big Brother logoIf you’re an intelligent viewer then you should know that a majority of what passes as reality TV is actually scripted and planned out by the producers. One such con job is Big Brother on CBS. For years, what is shown on the network is not quite what really happens in the house. This week the producers really went over board to snow the viewing public.

I last wrote about this on my personal blog back in 2005:

Logically, one would assume the highlights you see and the drama you conclude from what you see is what is really happening. With Big Brother that is not the case.

How do I know?

Because unlike other reality shows, CBS allows you to view the house guests (aka Hamsters) via a live video stream. Now the video feed isn’t always available. It is shut down when crucial segments of the show are taped – like a competition or if important information is talked about. You also don’t get to see the hamsters diary remarks until they show up in the show. You do get to see and hear a good portion of what passes for life in the house. You find out what the actual story line is and when you compare to the clip shows on the network, one can tell quickly what the producers are doing.

How REAL is Big Brother 6????

Basically the producers decide, probably based on how the hamsters are doing and what makes good TV, what storylines to feature. Just like back in Big Brother 6 the producers also show favoritism and work hard to keep the people who make good television.

The other bit of fakery is the drama of the live vote to evict. The vote is usually decided days before the live show. That is the house comes to a consensus and usually nothing prevents the done deal to be undone.

On Big Brother 14 at least three manipulations took place just in the past two weeks. There might have been more but these are the ones only a blind person wouldn’t catch.

Coaches in the game

This season had four past competitors enter the house with the fresh group to act as coaches or mentors. The coaches weren’t allowed to get the prize money but would get $100k if one of their team members won the game.

Last week it was revealed on the show that coaches would now be able to play for the prize money as regular hamsters. This twist was known by the coaches for a couple of weeks as they had to sign new contracts. It was one reason Willie ended up getting himself kicked out of the game. The show said that the audience voted for it but we got no proof that’s what happened. The fact the contracts were signed before the so-called vote was done shows the twist was a done deal no matter what the fans said.

Ian and Ashley’s Nomance

The proof to me this season is a con job was host Julie Chen talking about Ian and Ashley being an item during the live show on August 9th. She presented a clip showing what their mother’s thought about them being together.

There is no “Ian and Ashley”. The romance is made up. Ian thinks of Ashley more like a sister and is not really interested in her in the house or outside the house as girlfriend. The live feeds prove it.

Saving Janelle

The most ridiculous attempt to manipulate the show came when the producers tried to save fan and show favorite Janelle from eviction this week.

Thursday morning Dan was called into the Diary room and the conversation was “accidentally” heard in the house for a brief time. It was enough to out Dan as the person behind getting Janelle evicted and if the other hamsters had acted on the information Frank would have been evicted.

The producers let it happen to try and throw a twist into the game but the hamsters had already made up their minds so the leak didn’t have any affect.

The other related manipulation was when a depressed Boogie was called into the Diary room a day or two after the coaches entered the game and he came out with a massive plan to backdoor Janelle. One minute he had given up and maybe leave the game on his own and the next minute he has this great plan. I didn’t buy it then and I don’t buy it now. It happens where people go into the Diary room and are massaged to go in a certain direction the producers would like to see.

I know that some people love the show, don’t watch the feeds, and don’t care as long as the people they like win and the people they hate lose.

Just don’t try and tell me it’s a reality show.

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