2012 Returning TV Shows Preview Part 2

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image of 2012-2013 Returning TV Show preview badgeThe 2012-2013 TV season starts next month and I wanted to give my thoughts on some returning network shows that I’ve watched in the past and plan on watching again. These thoughts are mine alone and your mileage may vary.

The end of the week in the upcoming season isn’t as packed for me as the beginning of the week.


image of Paige Turco and some guy in Person of Interest
Paige Turco and some guy
in “Person of Interest”

I really like how “The Big Bang Theory” evolved into a funny ensemble comedy on the level of what “Friends” was back in the day. I care about all the characters and love the different quirks. Sure Sheldon was the break out character but all the others are needed to make the show work.

Now that the larger mystery about the creation of the number machine has been revealed it will be interesting to see how “Person of Interest” moves on. The case of the week is what drives the show so I’m glad the larger arc about the NSA and the CIA going after John will be resolved – maybe?? I just hope there are more episodes with Paige Turco’s Zoe Morgan – huba huba….


image of Blue Bloods title cardIt will be both good and bad to see “Community” on Fridays. Good because I won’t have to DVR it and can watch it live finally. But bad because Friday is a dead TV night and usually it’s where marginal shows go to die. I hope this will not happen this time.

“Blue Bloods” returns to CBS for more hot headiness of Donnie Wahlberg and mumbling of Tom Selleck. It isn’t classic TV but is good entertainment.


The only program that I want to watch on Saturday is “COPS” on Fox. It’s due to return in January 2013 so I’m going to be lost a bit in the fall.


image of Julianna Margulies in The Good Wife
Julianna Margulies in “The Good Wife”

The Amazing Race and The Good Wife on CBS makes my Sunday nights. The only problem with this coming season is the NFL will be starting their late Sunday games at 4:25 PM eastern which means in most cases when CBS has two NFL games on Sunday the primetime schedule will get pushed back. That means Amazing Race and The Good Wife will be on later and my DVR setting will not be right.


Complete chart of fall 2012 premiere dates from Entertainment Weekly

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