WTF, Royal Pains???

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image of Cast of USA's Royal Pains
Cast of USA’s Royal Pains

I started watching USA’s Royal Pains back when it first started in 2009 for the same reason others started watching it – there was nothing else on. I grew to like the adventures of Hank Med and the MacGyver-ness of the treatments Dr. Hank Lawson gave to his patients. The cases of the week were like those on House but the Doctor wasn’t a jerk. I also had a major crush on Hank’s on again off again love interest Jill Casey. This summer as the fourth season moves on I’m lost. What happened to my old Royal Pains? What’s going on?

I understand characters and shows need to do different things. I also know that writers of the shows want to try different things but for me the story lines this season, for the lack of a better word, suck. The only positive thing to happen this season is Divya’s storyline.

The show is getting hard to watch. Here are some problems I have with the fourth season:

Hank Med 2.0

I thought the new doctors and Evan’s storyline trying to run a larger Hank Med was a nice short term plot. Break up the band then bring them back together then we have the old Hank Med. But it seems the new doctors are here to stay and I don’t care for them or their storylines. Evan is hard enough to watch but then to give his character such a massive story – uh, no. I like Evan’s fiancee, Paige Collins, but would like it better if Evan was not on the show so much.

Too much Boris

Boris Kuester von Jurgens-Ratenicz was the guy who provided Hank a place to stay in the Hampton’s and contacts for new patients but they upgraded Campbell Scott to a regular this season which means more Boris and his mysterious life. I’m tired of it and don’t care. The adventure aspect as Hank tags along with Boris just seems too implausible and we went down that road when Boris took Hank and Evan to Cuba a couple of seasons ago.

Hanks’s chick-o’-the-week

I REALLY HATE Hank’s love interest of the week sub-plots. I just never have seen Hank’s character as a bed jumper. I get that the show wants Evan to have the stable relationship so Hank has to play around but I don’t know why Hank can’t have stable relationship one with Jill Casey. I would understand if Hank was a womanizer when the show started but to make him one now just turns me off.

No more Jill Casey??

image of Jill Flint
Jill Flint

They wrote Jill Casey, played by the great Jill Flint, off the show. OMFG!!!! WHY!!!!

I am not a “shipper” and deride those who are but this twist broke the show in my view and pretty much makes me less likely to watch or care about the show going forward.


The changes seem to have moved the show away from what it started out to be – a breezy summer read on a beach.

I want my old Royal Pains back please.

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