Plot Hole In The Unit Re-Run Ruins My Weekend

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image of actor Dennis Haysbert
Dennis Haysbert star of ‘The Unit’

This past weekend I was watching a re-run of the series “The Unit” (which ran originally 2006-2009 on CBS) and the plot of the episode showed that sometimes your plot gets boxed into a corner based on the cast of the show. In this case the writers seemed not to care the setup was illogical. It kind of took away my suspension of disbelief.

The episode “Johnny B. Good” was from season 2 and the general plot is the Unit returns from a mission that blew up in their faces and a General demands answers as to what happened. The story then is told in flashbacks as the team members are interviewed.

The one plot point that threw me for a loop was one of the beginning flashbacks.

Jonas Blane, played by Dennis Haysbert, tells the General that the team drove a truck into some mountains and entered Iran. The whole team is there with Jonas in the passenger seat next to a local civilian asset who is driving.

The truck comes up on a young boy with his flock of sheep blocking the road. The driver honks the horn and shouts to the boy to move aside but the boy shouts back. A woman civilian asset gets out of the truck to talk to the boy and offers him money. The boy demands more. The woman goes to Jonas and he tells her to give the boy what he wants. Jonas wants to keep the mission on track. As the woman walks back to the boy, he had become suspicious and walked closer to the truck.

He sees the driver and Jonas then walks to the back and sees the rest of the team. Then he panics.

“You are Americans!” he shouts and attempts to run away down the road. Bob jumps out of the truck and attempts to give chase but then Mac shoots the boy in the back killing him.

A dramatic and violent scene typical of the show.


Did the boy have bad eye sight? You are in the mountains of Iran and see Dennis Haysbert in a truck and don’t realize the men are American UNTIL you look in the back where the rest of the team is sitting?

I was not aware that Iran has a lot of people who have the same complexion as Dennis Haysbert.

I could be wrong but I just think the writers had to put Jonas in the scenes and they just didn’t address the plot hole of him seemingly not being seen, by the boy, in the passenger seat of the truck even at point blank range.

If I were writing the episode I would have had Jonas in the back of the truck then it would make the boy’s reaction more believable.

Other than that the episode was decent enough. That Tiffy sure likes to cause trouble….

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