Perception Brings Back The Quirky Consultant

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image of the Cast of Perception (2012)
Cast of “Perception” (2012)

When Monk ended its 8 season run in 2009 there was a void in the quirky detective/consultant department. Perception’s Dr. Daniel Pierce, played by Eric McCormack might be a good filler. He has quirkiness in spades. While Patrick Jane in the The Mentalist is just an ass, Pierce fits more closely to the Monk character. Perception is another good show on cable that should be on the broadcast networks if they weren’t so concerned with reality crap shows.

Dr. Daniel Pierce is a neuroscientist called on my a former student and now FBI agent Kate Moretti, played by Rachael Leigh Cook, to use his expertise to help on a case.

Some of Pierce’s quirks included listening to classical music while quickly filling in the New York Times crossword. He also believes in conspiracies and refuses to carry a cell phone so the government can’t track him. He also has a hard time in large crowds or in places he is unfamiliar with. Oh and he has vivid hallucinations – like seeing people in the room that aren’t there.

It is great to see Rachael Leigh Cook playing Agent Moretti. Like the usual straight-man in these cop/civilian shows her character isn’t as well drawn as Dr. Daniel Pierce but that can also be a good thing as the series moves along.

I also liked Jeremy Ratchford, from the old “Cold Case” show, playing a cop that has issues with Pierce and Moretti and LeVar Burton plays Pierce’s boss at the college.

I like these complex kind of police shows where you don’t know the end until the end of the episode. I hope Perception is able to maintain the tone and complex stories without being a formula.

A side note – a clean cut Colin Cunningham, who plays Pope in “Falling Skies” also on TNT, plays Pierce’s hallucination. I almost missed him since his character was so clean cut.

Perception on TNT – Series Overview

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