Good Afternoon America Has As Much Substance As A Marshmallow

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image of Lara Spencer and Josh Elliott - hosts of Good Afternoon America
Lara Spencer and Josh Elliott – hosts of Good Afternoon America

On July 9th, ABC debuted Good Afternoon America hosted by Lara Spencer and Josh Elliott. The show is planned to run for 9 weeks to keep a time slot warm before the fall debut of Katie Couric’s new talk show. It is an extension of the morning show Good Morning America but with even less of an effort at journalism. In fact, the show has as much substance as a marshmallow.

Good Afternoon America (GAA) was put on the air after the lifestyle show “The Revolution” was canceled. ABC has Katie Couric’s new talk show coming in September so the network needed to fill in the time slot. In the fall, General Hospital will move to 2 PM eastern and Couric’s show will start at 3 PM.

GAA is described as a little breezier in tone than its parent show Good Morning America (GMA). At least they didn’t lie. GAA tries even less to be a talk show produced by a news department than GMA, unless your idea of news is what celebrity gossip is hot as in their segment called “Rumor Has It”.

It’s an obvious ape of the fourth hour of NBC’s Today show with Hoda Kotb and Kathie Lee Gifford but at least with the fluffy 4th Today hour it’s fun to see what happens as the hosts get buzzed on the air with all the wine they drink.

I get why ABC started a show like GAA. No one really watches daytime TV any more and a talk show is cheaper to produce than the soap opera it replaced. For example, they had a story about a billboard in another country that used a promo photo of Katie Couric. They interviewed Couric over the phone! Yes the phone.

The lack of substance in the show is the most criminal thing about this show in my book and why I refuse to watch any of these celebrity-centric shows being passed off as “news” and “information”. A test pattern would probably get the same ratings and have the same worth as GAA.

Remember when news producers and the networks gave us information that was important to function as a productive citizen. Hearing celebrity gossip or leading off the show with a viral YouTube video of a goat is not making us productive citizens.

“Good Afternoon America” gets a grade of “F

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