Andy Griffith, America’s Favorite Sheriff Has Died

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image of Andy Griffith
Andy Griffith

I was sad to learn today that actor Andy Griffith died at the age of 86. Many people over the generations loved Griffith’s characters from the Sheriff of Mayberry in the 1960’s to Matlock the lawyer in the 1980’s. He got his start doing stand up comedy and one of my favorite bits is when he plays a country person describing the game of football and one of his TV shows I really liked was “Salvage 1” back in 1979.


Andy Griffith – “What It Was, Was Football”

One of my favorite Griffith TV characters was Harry Broderick, owner of a salvage company who decided to land on the moon with a space craft made from recycled and salvaged parts. Salvage 1 lasted only a short time in the late 70’s but this kid loved it. I wanted to build my own space ship but I had less equipment and no movie magic, but I had fun.

Salvage 1 (1979) – TEASER WITH OPENING

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