Pet Shop Boys Later Tonight Please(s) Me

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image of Neil Tennant & Chris Lowe - Pet Shop Boys (circa 1986)
Neil Tennant & Chris Lowe – Pet Shop Boys (circa 1986)

I saw on the Intertubes that the Pet Shop Boys announced that a new album will be released in September (“Elysium”) and they released the first single with a video today. It is titled “Invisible”. That got me thinking about their first album “Please” that I bought on cassette back in 1986. I love the whole album but one of my favorite early PSB songs is “Later Tonight” which is the 10th track from that album.

“Later Tonight” is a ballad and simple musically with what sounds like just a piano and synth. Neil Tennant’s vocals have his usual melancholy but I also liked that he sounds so emotional as he sings the lyrics.

You wait ’till later
‘Till later tonight
You wait ’till later, ’till later
‘Till later tonight

That boy never cast a look in your direction
Never tried to hook for your affection
Dresses like the mod of your invention, tall and proud
He is the head boy of the school of thought
That plays in your intentions, night and day

– “Later Tonight” Lyrics

I’ve read that the lyrics talk about a masterbatory fantasy but the song sounds so pretty and sweet.

Pet Shop Boys – Later Tonight (1986)

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