New Longmire Show Is Good Old School Entertainment

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image of Robert Taylor as Walt Longmire
Robert Taylor as Walt Longmire

To be honest I don’t read for pleasure as much we all should. But if I wanted something different from the usual non-fiction and history books I normally read, The Longmire Mysteries would be one I would pick up. A&E had the premiere episode, Sunday night, of a new series based on the books and if the rest of the season is like the pilot, then I will probably make Longmire a regular watch.

Walt Longmire, played by Robert Taylor, is sheriff of Absaroka County, Wyoming. He is crusty and old school. He refuses to get a cell phone and takes the Western simplicity to the extreme. He recently lost his wife and in the pilot we join him as a murder case reawakens his passion for his job. Longmire also has a thing about litter. He hates it almost as much as the crime in his county and he picks up a lot of the litter he finds and tosses it in his truck if not in the nearest trash can.

Katee Sackhoff plays Deputy Victoria “Vic” Moretti, a transplant from the Philadelphia Police Department Homicide squad. Since her character is new to Wyoming I think there will a lot of fish out of water stories for her character.

Lou Diamond Phillips plays Henry Standing Bear, Longmire’s life long best friend as well as a connection to the nearby Native American Reservation. He owns and operates the Red Pony bar in town.

Bailey Chase plays Branch Connally, the senior Deputy and rival of Longmire after we learn he is running for sheriff. He thinks he can do a better job than Longmire especially if they had the latest technology.

I like how all the characters play off each other and I like Longmire’s lack of modernity. After decades of CSI and other high tech crime solving it is refreshing to see a law officers using shoe leather, hunches, and experience to solve cases. Forensics still has a place and he does use it but they alone don’t solve the crimes. That is more like real life than a show like CSI: NY.

The photography showed how rugged and beautiful Wyoming can be. I thought the scenes my be boring in spots but the production added some modern music cues and interesting video shots to make many of the scenes interesting even if the scene wasn’t interesting on the surface.

The show reminded me of the old McCloud series on NBC back in the 1970’s. Dennis Weaver was a cowboy law man although in the show he solved crimes in New York City.

I liked how Longmire didn’t seem to pull the case solution out of his rear as some shows trying to be clever try to do. Everything in the story mattered to the conclusion.

If you have some free time catch the show live on Sunday nights or catch it online if you can. You won’t be disappointed.

Longmire Trailer

A&E also has the pilot on line on the Longmire website.

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