The End Of The 2011-2012 TV Season – What I Liked And What I Didn’t Like

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image of Some of the TV shows I liked during the 2011-2012 season
Some of the TV shows I liked during the 2011-2012 season

This month ends the regular 2011-2012 TV season. Most shows are showing their season or series finales and I wanted to mention my thoughts on the season for specific shows that I mentioned in previous posts. Overall many of the shows I watched had good seasons although some shows had issues. I thought on the whole this TV season was good – except for most of the reality shows I can’t stand.

New Shows

I liked Person of Interest and Unforgettable on CBS.

POI had some good plots but probably could have used more cases of the week instead of so much focus on the machine mythology. They did raise the stakes at the end of the season and I liked how they weren’t always successful in their cases.

Unforgettable wasn’t as amazing as I hoped but was decent entertainment. It was formalistic and I really wanted them to reveal the killer of Carrie Wells’ sister that was one of the main plot points through the season. How many times can Wells go off on her own, get in trouble, and get bailed out by her old flame Detective Al Burns? The supporting characters were decent and hope if there is a 2nd season (still waiting to hear on renewal) that the rest of the cast takes some of the load off Poppy Montgomery. *Update 5/13/2012* It was cancelled… *sigh* along with NYC 22 and A Gifted Man

On the comedy side I really liked Suburgatory. It did fit into the Wednesday comedy block on ABC and was as consistently funny as The Middle and Modern Family. I like goofy comedy. I also think this show had the best cast of the new shows. Who knew that Jeremy Sisto could do comedy or that Cheryl Hines could chew up so much scenery?

Last Man Standing also on ABC was okay but it felt too much like Tim Allen’s old show “Home Improvement” but with 3 daughters instead of 3 sons.

NYC 22 is nothing to write home about. They often cross a line with trying to give police rookies more substantial stories and sometimes that makes one of them getting into a conflict that a real rookie wouldn’t. I just think the story possibilities are limited and it looks like CBS will agree and it won’t return for season 2. It is a shame because I am a big fan of Leelee Sobieski.

I ended up liking A Gifted Man on CBS by the end of its season. It shifted the focus off the ghost story with the dead wife and the weekly cases were more interesting. More than likely this show will not be back for a 2nd season.

Alcatraz was a slow starter for me but by the end of the season I started liking it better. Wish it was going to have a 2nd season.

Returning Shows

I really liked the change in the original CSI with the addition of Ted Danson and Elisabeth Shue. It refreshed a show that for me had grown stale.

Blue Bloods got better this season although they still focus a lot on the family soap opera aspect more than the case of the week. Tom Selleck still seems to mumble his way through his scenes – they need to show him laughing and having fun.

Happy Endings grew on me but I still miss Better with You from the 2010-2011 season.

Two shows, NBC’s Community and ABC’s Cougar Town, ended up kind of boring me. They went from consistently goofy to maudlin. I don’t mind the occasional “very-special-episode” but I like comedies that don’t take themselves too seriously or become pretentious.

NCIS is starting to get stale in the stories. How many super villains can one police team handle. I think they need to shake things up in the casting department.

NCIS: Los Angeles on the other hand is like the CSI: Miami of the NCIS shows. It borders on the ridiculous. They have to be the worst federal law enforcement agency in the country because they can’t keep the terrorists out of Los Angeles. The cross over with Hawaii Five-0 was interesting but the show needs to do better on the weekly plots. They also need to “travel” more.

Hawaii Five-0 is another show I liked that should raise the stakes with bigger plots. I liked how they tried to have some plots with the other players in the show especially after Alex O’Loughlin had to sit out some episodes because of health reasons.

Castle finally seemed to put Richard Castle and Det. Beckett together after four years of “will they or won’t they”. I loved the scene where Beckett said she was sorry for doubting Castle. Very sweet. I also love the interplay between Ryan and Esposito. It will be interesting to see Beckett in Castle’s domain – at least I hope they do it that way.

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  1. sbj1964

    Personally I found nothing in the past TV season that was at all interesting just more of the same crap.It is like they are not even trying anymore.

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