Girls Guide To Depravity? Not So Much…

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screencap of Sally Golan & Rebecca Blumhagen - stars of The Girl's Guide to Depravity
Sally Golan & Rebecca Blumhagen – stars of The Girl’s Guide to Depravity

The other day I watched a few episodes of the Cinemax After Dark series ‘The Girl’s Guide to Depravity’, based on a Internet blog. While the premise was interesting and the two leads are attractive, the show was a turn off for me. Believe it or not, the main thing against the show are the sex scenes. They aren’t needed and take away from the plot of the show.

When I was a kid one of the things we use to do was try to watch Cinemax Friday After Dark because that’s when they showed the soft core porn. It was all simulated sex (no penetration) but we didn’t care because it was more than we had experienced or known about at the time. The other thing about the Friday After Dark shows, many were also explicit sex comedies. I don’t hate sex comedies in general – check out the classic “Porky’s” – but soft core porn comedies are usually very bad.

‘The Girl’s Guide to Depravity’ has better production values than the usual Cinemax porn but for some reason the worst part of the show are the sex scenes. Those scenes didn’t really add anything to the plot.

The leads are decent actors. Rebecca Blumhagen who played Samantha and Sally Golan who played Lizzie do a good job with the rest of the non-sex parts of the plot. Both are attractive and natural looking which is better than 90% of the Cinemax porn I’ve seen before.

However, the main characters are hard to sympathize with because Samantha makes many bad choices and Lizzie gives terrible advice. Ironically, Lizzie doesn’t have much better relationship success than Samantha. It’s like the blind leading the blind.

One good part in the sex scenes is when the guys are shown putting on condoms.

If you have Cinemax and have nothing else to do, check out the show. I would use a DVR and fast forward through the sex scenes.

‘The Girl’s Guide to Depravity’ Clip

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One thought on “Girls Guide To Depravity? Not So Much…

  1. Mike

    Agree about the sex scenes taking away from the show. I also loved Showtime's Secret Diary of a Call Girl and don't remember the sex scenes being so long or explicit.

    Now I'm a red blooded male who loves and watches a lot of real hardcore porn (also grew up sneaking peeks at Cinemax movies that listed Nudity in the guide books). But I like this show and the sex doesn't add anything.

    House of Lies and Californication have a decent amount of sex, but not any long, drawn out, soft core sex scenes. Those shows are more "sexier" than Girls Guide IMHO.

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