Wonderful Would Be Good Word For Our Theme

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screencap of Adam Ant in Wonderful video
Adam Ant in Wonderful video

To introduce Review Geek’s new blog theme I wanted to highlight a song I because reacquainted with while watching a rerun of the CBS show ‘Cold Case’ that was set in 1995. I’ve loved ‘Wonderful’ since the 1990’s – one of the few from that decade I really like. Then I find out Adam Ant sang it. Mind Blown.

I either forgot it was his song or never knew it until now but ‘Wonderful’ has moved up to the top of my favorite Adam Ant songs.

Adam Ant – Wonderful (1995)

About the new theme

I’d been wanting to update the theme I use for this blog since WordPress updated to version 3 and introduced a new default theme called Twenty Eleven. My new child theme is done enough for visitors but I will be tweaking it to take advantage of the new bells and whistles of the theme like footer widgets.

Other new items is a new way to present the sharing options on posts. I finally found a plugin for the left floating sharing box that I liked and that turns off when the site is viewed on a smartphone of iPad type device. I also added sexy bookmarks as a complement at the bottom of the posts. I also ended use of the TimThumb thumbnail script because I found a plugin, LinkWithin, that replaces the script and a related posts plugin I had been using.

This new theme will also lessen my work to maintain the site and allow for backend updates without having to start from scratch each time.

If you have comments feel free to share them or sent me a private note.

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  1. Postcard Designs

    It's nice to know that you are updating your blog theme. I can't wait to check it out. That Twenty Eleven seems very appropriate to your blog. By the way, that song is great. It's the first time I ever heard that song and I like it. 🙂


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