Now This Is The Kind Of Duke I Wouldn’t Mind Following

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image of Genesis' Duke album coverI remember the day I brought home a cassette copy of ‘Duke’ by the band Genesis. Ever since the album was released in 1980 I had loved it. My college roommates at the time (this was in 1986) told me that they didn’t care for it since it was sooooo different than Genesis’ previous albums. I said “They had albums before this one?”. After my roommates strongly educated me on the Peter Gabriel era of the band, it actually made me appreciate ‘Duke’ even more. For an album like this to come out in 1980 and still sound fresh in 2012 is a testament to the forward thinking of Genesis. It’s still my favorite.

My favorite song on the album “Turn it On Again” starts:

All I need is a TV-show, that and the radio
Down on my luck again, down on my luck again
I can show you, I can show you, some of the people in my life

I have listened to Genesis’ progrock albums of the 70’s and the only real difference is the Phil Collins era is less avant-garde (what they call radio friendly) but I can hear the progrock influences.

Here is the song – enjoy:

Genesis – Turn it on Again (1980)

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